Making Cocktails with Ne-Yo

At the start of October, the nice people at Malibu got me in to photograph a couple of events related to the launch of their new product, Malibu Red. Unless you’re strictly Classic FM, you’ll probably recognise the fella in a lot of the photos as Grammy award winning singer, songwriter, dancer, actor and all-round talent hog, Ne-Yo…

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PhaNgan Animal Care (PAC)

In October 2001, Shevaun Gallwey, an Irish veterinarian, set up PhaNgan Animal Care (or PAC as it’s known to its friends); a charity dedicated to caring for the stray animals of the island of Koh PhaNgan, Thailand. As well as carrying out a widespread neutering program to control the stray animal population, PAC also vaccinates and treats these forgotten animals.

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Landscapes and Nature

I love being outdoors. I studied a degree in Oceanography (believe it or not, that is a real subject) and science and nature, especially on, under and around the sea, has always fascinated me. Here are a few of my photos of the parts of The Great Outdoors that I’ve been lucky enough to experience so far:

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