Chalet Fontana is a luxury, catered ski chalet in the picturesque ski resort of Les Gets in the heart of the Portes Du Soleil. Sleeping up to 13 guests and boasting great facilities including an outdoor hot-tub, Chalet Fontana is a great place for family or group ski and snowboard holidays. The owners wanted a set of professional photographs to really show off this beautiful, catered ski chalet.

Good video content is really important to your Google ranking, so the owners of Chalet Fontana were also keen to go one stage further, filming a video that would give potential guests a really good feel for the Chalet and its layout, long before they arrived; something that’s very hard to achieve with still photos or even a traditional, tripod-mounted “video tour”. A fully-featured promotional video with shots of the surroundings, the skiing, guests enjoying themselves, some interviews with the chef and other staff would, of course, be great for this. We know however, that independently-owned chalets don’t always have the budget for full-on promotional video, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t really benefit from special video content, designed to fit their needs exactly.

For Chalet Fontana, I decided to re-think the video walk-through, using a piece of specialised cinema equipment to give viewers a fantastic impression of walking around the ski chalet for themselves. This gives a much fuller, clearer and more impressive view of the chalet than a traditional, static, tripod-mounted video would. Also, as it’s essentially one long take, there’s far less editing together of shots than there would be for those traditional tours. This keeps the production process very streamlined and means that we can offer this kind of tour at a surprisingly low cost!

I’d love to hear you opinions. Do you think this kind of tour gives a good impression? Would you be more inclined to book your ski holiday at a chalet that you had a clearer impression of, having seen a video like this? Drop me a note and let me know.

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