The National Oceanography Centre in Southampton has a special place in my heart, largely because I spent three years studying there! Before I became a camera-type person, I completed a degree in Oceanography and I’m still fascinated by the oceans, and earth science in general. As such, it was an absolute pleasure to film the Ocean & Earth Day celebrations, back at the NOC.

Every year, the National Oceanography Centre celebrates Ocean & Earth Day by opening its doors to the public, giving them an insight into the amazing work that’s carried out there. The staff and volunteers put an awful lot of effort in producing some great exhibits that teach you some pretty complicated things in very simple and easily understandable ways. This year, they even opened up one of the research vessels, the RV Callista, for the public to have a tour around. Everyone that I spoke to, both kids and adults, had been really surprised by just how much goes on at the NOC and, if you can get down there next year, I’d really recommend it.

To find out more about Ocean & Earth Day at The National Oceanography Centre, check out their site HERE.

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