07/04/2012 Ross Fairgrieve

Out of the Ordinary

If every job was the same, a career as a photographer or videographer would get pretty dull. Maybe there are guys out there that have found a formula that “does the job” and are happy to apply that to every film and photograph that they make. That’s not how I work though.

I go into every shoot completely open-minded. I don’t have any preconceptions of how the video or photos will look until I have spoken to you, the client, to find out what you want. Maybe you have some ideas of your own and don’t want me to walk all over them with a, “yeah, yeah, promotional video- I know what you mean” before plopping my camera on a tripod and producing essentially the same old video that all of your competitors already have.

I became a photographer and video producer because I love to do it. I love to do it even more when I’m working with a new, fresh idea- whether that’s my idea or yours- and this can lead to some pretty fruity places! Whether I’m strapping a camera to a dog’s back or a car’s bonnet, taking it 100 feet underwater or 1,000 feet into the air, I’m at my happiest when I’m trying things that other people haven’t done or wouldn’t do.

I own and maintain several different cameras systems so that I always have the equipment that perfectly fits your particular video or photography project. This varies from large camera systems with full film “grip” gear featuring camera cranes, dollies and studio lighting setups, all the way through to a small and discreet setup that, through years’ of refinement and tweaking, now allows me huge versatility and quality with just the equipment that I can easily carry in one rucksack. Every setup allows me to capture the same stunning quality photos and video in full high definition, no matter how inaccessible or bizarre your location is!

If you’ve got something in mind but are not sure if I can cover it, be sure to get in touch via the contact page or drop me an email at info@rossfairgrievecom. and we’ll see what we can come up with. If it sounds weird enough, I might even give you a discount!





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