07/04/2012 Ross Fairgrieve

Portrait & Headshot Photography

When a lot of people think of portrait photography, they imagine sitting awkwardly in a studio somewhere, in front of a cheesy background while being forced to smile (I’ve never understood how that works!). This is NOT my approach to portrait photography! Why not go somewhere interesting and do something that you love, whether that’s horse riding, fishing or just having a pint! I’ll come along, bring my camera and we can make some photos that are uniquely yours, not the same old pose in the same old studio as everyone else.

I believe that the key to great portrait photography is to have fun! Whether headshots for professional actors and actresses or simply portrait photography for the family, the best people photos arise when you, the subject, feels relaxed and are enjoying yourself. Now, this doesn’t come easy to everyone. Many people have the same reaction when a camera is first pointed at them as they would if it was a sniper rifle…me included! That’s why I always work WITH my subjects so that between us, we can make portrait photography fun.

From full, fashion-inspired lighting set-ups to laid back and informal documentary-style shooting, I cover the whole range of portrait photography depending on exactly what you want. If you’ve got an idea of the kind of photos that you want- great. If not though, don’t worry about it. We’ll mess around, have some fun and I guarantee we’ll come back with some photos that you, your family, your agent…well everyone, will love.

And just remember, it doesn’t cost a thing to delete the one’s you don’t like!

If you would like to have a chat about getting some portrait or headshot photographs taken, don’t hesitate to get in touch via the contact page or drop me an email at info@rossfairgrievecom.



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