07/04/2012 Ross Fairgrieve

Property Photography & Video Tours

It’s no secret that selling a property is not easy at the moment. In these tough economic times, it’s vital to give your property maximum exposure if you’re to successfully find a buyer.

The point-and-shoot-style photos that the estate agent took do nothing to entice potential buyers to arrange a viewing of your home. The advert looks exactly the same as every other one. Professional property photography on the other hand, makes your house stand out from the pages and pages of other properties on the market, showing the real strengths of your property.

This is a great start but you can give yourself an even better chance of selling your house. “Video Viewings” a unique kind of property tour using Steadicam technology more often used in Hollywood productions, are designed to give a potential buyer an impressive yet true feeling of actually visiting the property for themselves. Not only does this mean more interest from buyers but also fewer disruptions to you whereby viewings are arranged, only for the buyer to discover that the house is not suitable for them as soon as they walk through the door.

Video Viewings are not only applicable to house sales; they are also the perfect way to showcase a commercial venue of any sort. Wedding venues, holiday rentals, even retirement homes; let your customers see what your venue has to offer without having to travel all over the country to get there!

I principally cover the Reading area (Berkshire, Hampshire and Oxfordshire) but can also travel further afield. For more information or to arrange a photo or video shoot of your property, don’t hesitate to get in touch via the contact page or drop me an email at info@rossfairgrievecom.


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