10/08/2012 Ross Fairgrieve

Windlesham Golf – Marketing Campaign Video

As a freelance videographer and photographer, I work with and for all sorts of people. One day I can be working with a small, start-up business or charity, and the next day I can be working for a multi-million pound corporate client. I like it this way. It keeps things varied and keeps me on my toes, meaning that I can never fall into the easy routine of churning out formulaic videos and photos that are all more or less the same as all the previous ones.

As well as working with a wide range of clients, I’ve also buddied up with several creative companies both around my native Reading and all across Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Hampshire, London and beyond and I work with them as a freelance videographer and/or photographer. The companies vary from marketing and PR agencies to graphic design, web design and web development businesses. This arrangement works really nicely; I get to know the guys at these companies and get to understand how they work and what they’re after. Each time we work together, it’s a little smoother, a little faster and we get better and better results.

One such company that I’ve recently worked with is Gasp. Based in Wokingham Berkshire, Gasp describe themselves as an “Ideas Agency”. If I’m perfectly honest, I would normally have thought of this as marketing gibberish but, having worked with them, it really is true. As well as being exceptionally good when it comes to the bread-and-butter of web and graphic design, they seem to be overflowing with great ideas of how best to market a product or service.

This particular shoot was for one of Gasp’s clients; Windlesham Golf Club in Surrey. Gasp’s idea for the video centered around the fact that the club itself is right next to the M3 motorway. Most people are willing to drive half an hour or so to get to their club but, for Windlesham, that half hour drive can be straight down the M3, taking you a surprising distance from the club. It could therefore be a local club, even to those that live, geographically, quite a long way away.

It’s often said that, “it all starts with an idea”, but where does it end? In this case, it ends in 30 degree heat, repeatedly bouncing a golf ball down a suburban street while trying to answer some rather probing (if entirely understandable) questions from the local Neighbourhood Watch representative. Actually, that’s more the middle than the end. The end is the video that you see here:

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